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Top Whitening techniques

Teeth whitening is the process of making your teeth brighter and hence more aesthetically appealing. Basically, a bleaching agent is used to bleach the enamel and hence appear to be brighter. It is usually the most sought after form of cosmetic dentistry. This means that most people who will go to the dentist for cosmetic purposes want their teeth to be whiter. There are many products which can be used for teeth whitening. These include whitening gels, toothpaste, whitening trays, whitening strips and also rinses. Apart from this, there are some whitening treatments which are administered by a dentist. An example is laser whitening. Here are the common teeth whitening products and techniques to get you a brighter smile:

Laser whitening

Dentists who perform teeth whitening will mostly recommend laser whitening to their patients. It is said to be the best tooth whitening method in the world. Many people who have tried laser treatment can attribute to the fact that it is better than over-the-counter whitening products. A laser whitening procedure goes like this. The first step is to introduce the bleaching solution to the teeth. Your gums are covered with rubber first to prevent damage. The bleaching solution is then applied on to the teeth. An argon laser beam is passed over the teeth to increase the effect of the bleaching chemical. When the chemical is activated, the teeth are made whiter.

Whitening strips

These are small strips which are placed on the teeth to make them whiter. The whitening strips are small and almost transparent. They are applied on the teeth and one has to wait for about thirty minutes so as to remove them. Whitening strips have a coating made of hydrogen peroxide products. The hydrogen
peroxide is the chemical that is used to bleach the teeth in this case. When you start using whitening strips, you will see the effects after about two
weeks. Whitening strips have a long lasting effect which can span over months. They are available over the counter.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are preferred due to their simplicity. People are already familiar with toothpaste. Some people are hesitant to try strips and gels and other whitening products. But because people are already familiar with toothpaste, there will be no doubts about trying whitening toothpaste. It is used the same way as normal toothpaste. You apply it on your brush and brush your teeth thoroughly. It has special chemicals which are activated by the motion of the toothbrush. These are also available in shops and over the counter.

Whitening rinses

These rinses look like the normal mouthwash. However, the rinse has hydrogen peroxide which is used to bleach teeth. Whitening rinses are the newest addition to whitening products. It is used the same way as normal mouth wash. A whitening rinse requires you to swirl it in your mouth everyday for about nine to ten weeks. The results are also very long lasting. Apart from making teeth whiter, they will also give you fresh breath and keep your dental hygiene in top condition.